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Medication for kidney and liver problems can cause blood pressure changes and correction with bystolic may thus not be effective.

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Managing your high blood pressure should be part of an overall heart health program that also includes managing or preventing health problems like diabetes or high cholesterolpreventing blood clotsmaking dietary changessuch as limiting saltand lifestyle changes that include quitting smoking and increasing daily exerciseIn addition to those effortssome find that they need medication to reduce their blood pressure.

Before starting BYSTOLICtell your healthcare provider about all of your medical conditionsincluding if you:

Before starting BYSTOLICtell your healthcare provider about all of your medical conditionsincluding if you:

Rememberkeep this and all other medicines out of the reach of childrennever share your medicines with othersand use Bystolic only for the indication prescribed.

If you have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressureyou should take it seriouslyThere are positive steps you can takeincluding making lifestyle changes and taking medicine to helpYour doctor may also recommend that you monitor your blood pressure regularly.

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